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About Cymmedico

History and Development

In light of rapid developments in the medical devices industry, Cymmedico Co., Limited was founded on January 18, 2021, with offices and factories in Taipei’s Nangang District and Tainan’s Annan District.

The company inherits many of Cymmetrik, its parent company’s, competitive advantages, including cross-industry development, strategic global stationing, and a highly experienced medical enterprise team. It took the parent enterprise’s original core competency—printing—expanded its application to medical processing techniques, and blossomed into a fully dedicated medical supply manufacturing company. To satisfy every Cymmedico client’s medically related research, production, and sales needs, Cymmedico also takes active steps to establish itself in the greater medical supplies field, investing resources across healthcare and physical welfare industries. It’s yet another way in which Cymmedico provides customers with the best, most comprehensive solutions in medical products and supplies.

Maintaining Cymmetrik’s “People First” and “Always Day One” creeds, Cymmedico carries a quality corporate culture and superior management philosophy, and is devoted to the medical appliance and devices industry. Committed to unceasing innovations, it brings its considerable R&D prowess to the greater market, ready to take on the challenges that future brings.

Management Goal

To become the best in the business in product development, customization, and manufacturing.


Operational Policy
​Quality Policy
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