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Core Competencies

R & D Techniques


Cymmedico possesses strong R&D capabilities, with core competencies that lend to numerous applications and fields, including: macromolecule, electrochemistry, adhesion, printing, precision coating, precision cutting, formula development, automated consolidation techniques, and more.

Focusing mostly on OEM/ODM work on high quality, regulations compliant, people-centric medical equipment, Cymmedico develops, manufactures, and processes advanced wound dressings, medical adhesive tapes, electrocardiography supplies, in vitro diagnostic devices, and other medical supplies.

Professional Services


Cymmedico is a one-stop shop for professional medical supply manufacturing and processing, and can assist customers from original concept creation to product creation and mass production. Catering to each client’s needs, it offers both pure OEM services and OEM/ODM combinations, where it joins the client in design and research. It also supplies all the essentials for medical product commercialization, including essential raw materials, semifinished articles, and finished-product processing, making for a well-connected, well integrated product supply chain.

By implementing strict controls over production processes and environments, Cymmedico’s factories feature Class 10,000 and Class 100,000 Clean Rooms and comply with ISO 13485 Management System Standards for Medical Devices. This ensures the clean, sterilized environment required in manufacturing medical supplies—and Cymmedico’s ability to reliably provide the level of manufacturing quality that customers expect. In addition, Cymmedico’s factories are capable of professional slitting, die cutting, multilayer bonding, adhesive coating, R2R (Roll-to-Roll) screen printing, and various assembly, among other manufacturing skills and techniques.

We have a strong R&D team ready to provide custom designs to clients and enhance product values. Our broad product range and diverse spectrum of solutions keep up with the quickly evolving medical industry and satisfy every research, production, and sales requirement a client entering the medical industry would need.

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