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​In vitro


Rapid Test Cassette & Kit Component Processing

We manufacture and assemble various supplies in rapid test kits, such as in antigen/antibody test kits, and can provide processing services related to rapid test cassettes, including outer surface printing, internal/external component assembly, buffer solution refilling, bottle labeling, test strip cutting and slitting, outer aluminum bag sealing, and other such processing.

Biochemical Test Strips & Electrode Printing/Processing

Cymmedico provides processing services for semi-manufactured electrochemical biosensor test strips, including the cutting and slitting of individual layers in multilayered materials, multilayer bonding involving spacer layers, SPE (Screen Printed Electrode) layer design, precision printing electrode circuitry, upper cover coloring and design printing, and so on.

We also supply a key raw material specific to biochemical sensing—electroconductive ink—in the form of our conductive carbon paste. Depending on customer needs, we can custom-tune its electrical resistance, viscosity quality, printed ink thickness and so forth, to more accurately and reliably transfer electrical signals.

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