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Our strictly regulated cleanrooms follow medical equipment manufacturing standards and produce finished and semi-finished medical products that span a wide range of medical applications.

Wearable Medical Devices

Our wearable medical devices (CGM continuous blood-glucose monitoring, sleep monitoring, ECG, EEG, EMG, body temperature monitoring) feature IoT functionality that eases remote patient monitoring and brings smart medicare to reality. By combining monitoring instruments with electrodes patched onto human skin and accounting for individual needs (patient-specific skin attributes, patch duration, living environment, support for electrode-conductive functionality etc.), Cymmedico can custom-adjust its semi-finished consumables, offer key components (electroconductive inks, medical hydrogels, medical tapes), and provide all relevant manufacturing.


Wound Care

We provide a wide range of wound dressings, from OP Sites (frequently used to fix IV needles in place) and first-aid dressing for smaller wounds (cuts, rips, etc.), to minimally invasive surgery (e.g. PEG) openings of various sizes and medium-large exudating wounds. We even offer functional wound dressing that suppress bacterial growth, minimizing infection. Cymmedico can custom-manufacture and process finished and semi-finished dressing products of various materials, sizes, and types, for various body locations and and skin needs.

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Disease Screening and Diagnosis

To meet in vitro diagnostics needs, Cymmedico provides processing services for disposable medical diagnostic material, shortening time-to-market for rapid test kits. Biochemical test strips based on biosensing principles (e.g. blood-glucose or uric acid test strips) place high demand on precision manufacturing. Our professional printing and highly honed craftmanship can provide subtle color gradients and accurate reactive coloring. Furthermore, we can fuse critical materials to die components via precision printing to provide additional benefits, such as stronger brand recognition and enhanced electrode conductivity.

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